• Mon, Jul 2016
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Best Games For Windows Phone 7 and 8 – Top 5

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Windows Phone 7 is One of The Best Operating System in the Smart Phone World. Most Windows Phone 7 Devices have a Good GPU (Game Processing Unit) as well as a good CPU. Windows Phone 7 is a device which has got Lowest Complains about the Phone that Phone is Hanged or it lags. This phone rarely Lags and Mostly Never. Today I will tell you about the Top 5 Games for Windows Phone 7. Lets get Started :-

1. iStunt 2

This is an Awesome Game. This Game was first Released for iOS then Android and then Windows Phone 7. Though Windows Phone 7 Got this Game at the Last this is not the Least. It is One of The Best Games For Windows Phone 7 and You Would Like it a lot. Some Key Features of This Game Are

  • Amazing graphics!
  • Great Ragdoll Physics!
  • Gravity Inversion and Zero Gravity Zones
  • Rails, Boosts, Fans
  • Floating mountains out of nowhere!
  • Leaderboards and lots of achievements!

2. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is Totally a Fun Filled Game. You Enjoy A Lot in This Game by Cutting Fruits . Go Crazy With a Sword in Hand and You are Cutting Fruits Just Like a Ninja. You can Unlock a lot of Achievements. Fruit Ninja Journey will Take You To The Sensory Satisfaction of Touchscreen Fruit Destroying. It’s a Simple, Fun and Best of all Challenging Games.

3. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

This is One of the Best Games for Windows Phone 7 in the Racing Section. It is also the One of The Best Racing Games for a PC. Take your Need for Speed to the streets…or the bus…or the line in the cafeteria….well, pretty much anywhere with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on your Windows Phone 7 Device. Just like the console versions, the  game gives you the chance to out-maneuver the cops in the world’s highest-end exotic cars or cross the thin blue line and stop racers cold in high-speed police cars. Go head-to-head as a Cop or a Racer via local WiFi or Bluetooth in the ultimate cat-and-mouse road race, in the fastest, best looking, most intense mobile Need for Speed ever

4. Feed Me Oil

Feed Me Oil is a nice puzzle game where you have to guide the oil from a broken pipe into the mouth of a land creature with the help of magnets, fans and barriers. You have to position the barriers, fans and magnets in such a way that minimal quantity of oil is wasted and it flows in to the mouth of a weird looking creature. The game is very interesting and keeps you busy for hours.

5. Angry Birds

Though I am Talking About This at the Last, This Game is Not The Least. This is a Best Time Pass Game. If You are Sitting free and You Have This Game Then You will Never Get Bored With This. We never know When The Time Passes, Playing This Game. This is really a Fun Game for All Types of People, from Child to Adults.

Which Game Do You Like for Your Windows Phone 7 Device?

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