• Tue, Nov 2014
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New Features in Windows Phone 8

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We just saw that Microsoft showcased Windows Phone 8. This Operating System may bring back Microsoft in the Smart Phone world. Windows Phone 8 devices look promising and would be loved by many of the people. Many people like me are getting excited to see first devices with Windows Phone 8.

We can see that Windows Phone 7 devices will not get Windows Phone 8 update which Microsoft told us just some time ago. Windows Phone 8 has many new features. Some of these are making me very very excited about this Operating System. Microsoft just showcased the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets which may change the tablet market and compete with Apple.

Windows Phone 8 comes with 8 new features and this may be what “8″ in Windows Phone 8 suggests.

New Features in Windows Phone 8 devices

1. Support for Multi-core Processors

Windows Phone 7.5 was limited to Single core processor so companies had to use powerful enough single core processors but this support may make these phones a bit cheaper. This may help to compete it with powerful Android and iOS devices equipped with dual core and quad core processors

2. Micro-SD Card Support

Windows Phone 8 devices would come with Micro-SD Card Slot which will help us to expand the memory of the phone. For Smart Phones, only Symbian and Android had this feature and it would put them ahead a bit.

3. Support for Bigger and Sharper Screens

Windows Phone 7.5 was limited to 480X800 resolution which is not popular now a days. Windows Phone 8 will feature two new resolution screens which are 1280×768 and 1280×720 and above these resolution Windows 8 will come. This will also open a way to 720p displays.

4. NFC Wireless Sharing

NFC is becoming quite popular these days. People think that this is an upgrade to Bluetooth. This is faster and is more feature rich. You just tap two devices and the photo is transferred. This would make Windows Phone 8 devices future proof.

5. Internet Explorer 10

Let us say “Hello” to Secure web. Internet Explorer is a browser which comes with Windows 8 and would also join Windows Phone 8. This is a very fast browser and also secure.

6. Used as Wallet

Windows Phone 8 devices could be used as a wallet. You can store your Credit Card or Debit Card numbers in your phone and while you are making payment you can just payer you device with NFC or Secure Sim.

7. Nokia Maps in All Devices

Only Nokia branded Windows Phone 7 devices came with Nokia Maps but now Windows Phone 8 is powered by Nokia through Nokia maps. These will help us in side by side navigation.

8. New Re-designed Start Screen

Windows Phone 8 would come with a better start screen with user re-sizable tiles. This would make the devices a lot personal.

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