• Mon, Aug 2016
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Ubuntu For Phone Launched – New OS Entry in Smart Phone Market

Posted In Ubuntu, Ubuntu News - By Harkunwar On With 0 Comments
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Ubuntu is the most popular Linux based Desktop Operating System till date. It is the most popular due to its great abilities. Ubuntu has just announced launching a whole new OS for phones with full compatibility with ARM Chips.

Ubuntu brings a whole new User Interface which is free from widgets and icons. The User Interface looks Completely refined. This will bring a great touch support to the classic Linux Operating System and the leader of Open Source compatibility.


Ubuntu is one of those linux operating systems which is very easy to use and is for those who are basically coming from Windows or Mac OS X. The Ubuntu OS is the favorite of developers as it gives them full control and wide adaptability.

Ubuntu will launch at CES 2013 which is from January 8 to January 13 and a more refined version will also come up in the mobile world congress.


The Linux Operating System also has support for Android Linux kernels and is great for Android porting guys, I would really love to see this operating system running on my Google Nexus 4.

Likewise Android, This will also leave supported for Touch Capacitive Buttons and it will be a bit like the Jolla OS in which you can swipe from any side to do something.


Ubuntu Phone has a lot to excite you geeky guys like me and is waiting for this complete OS launch, I love the refined User Interface and will surely test and report it.

Many new Operating Systems are targeting the Smart Phone Market with the latest new innovations. Someone has rightly said that competition leads to innovation. Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Jolla OS, Ubuntu for Phones and many others are leading to a whole new touch based system and I’m highly excited to see that world

Ubuntu OS is also free from Lock screen the screen which they are using is actually called the Welcome Screen. Take a look at the Official Ubuntu Launch Video here and get yourself more excited.

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