• Wed, Jan 2013
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Some of My Expectations from iPad 3 (HD)

Posted In iOS News - By Harkunwar On Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 With 1 Comment

Today I will share my expectations from iPad 3 or iPad HD . I have a lot of expectations but I want that all of them get fulfilled in the new iPad 3 or iPad HD. I want you also to share your expectations by commenting on this post. I will add them in this post.


1. Siri – Our favorite Voice Assistant
I want that this iPad should have Siri functionality. It will be the first non iPhone 4S to get Siri. It will give iPad a new reason to buy it.

2. High Definition Retina Display
This version of iPad should also have Retina Display. This should also support 1080p video playback to watch high definition videos and movies. We would be able to play everything in High Definition.

3. Faster Processor – Quad Core A6 Processor
A6 processor is a must for iPad because it will need high power to cope up with the High Definition Retina Display. A6 processor will give it more speed. If it would be quad core than it would be one of the first tablets to get a quad core processor. This should also contain a good and powerful GPU to feel the real High Definition.

4. Cool Slim Design
This iPad should also contain a Cool Slim Design. It will be easy to fit it in many places. Slim Design attracts people.

5. Long Lasting Battery
It should have a long lasting battery so we do not need to charge it for a long to use it. If it has a long lasting battery then we could take it with us when we go out for long travels.

6.  Jailbreak Friendly
This iPad should also be jailbreak friendly because now also some people buy iPad instead of iPad 2 because it provides vast types of hacks and jailbreaks.

7. A better Camera
Most of the chances are that iPad will get a 8 MP Camera. I want that they should install the 41 MP Camera which is in Nokia 808 Pure Preview. If it has and 8 MP camera then it should also support 1080p HD Video Recording. It should also have a HD front facing camera and not the VGA one that was in iPad 2.

8. A speedy Ram
This iPad should also support a 1 GB of Ram to make the iPad  a lot Speedy. iPad 2 had a 512 MB Ram so it is of course to expect 1 GB in iPad 3.

9. High Capacity to Store Things
It should also have a high capacity like 128 GB in many latest tablets. It will increase the number of games, songs, videos, apps, tweaks and lot more.

10. TV functionality
No one mentioned about this. Think if iPad got TV functionality you will have a portable TV. Apple should make its own app for TV and also for every country

11. USB ports
iPad 3 should also have a support for USB ports so that we could transfer and play songs from USB flash drives

12. Hologram Feature
I know that the iPad 3 will not have this feature but every one wants to have a tablet or a phone with hologram feature so that they can enjoy everything in 3D

13. Transparent iPad
I know that this feature is very difficult to make in the iPad but if the introduced this feature in the iPad 3 then it would be the world’s best tablet

14. NFC
The latest technology Near Field Communication should be installed in the iPad 3 to transfer data through other NFC enabled devices.

15. Bluetooth 4.0 with Connectivity with all devices
The new iPad 3 should contain the latest and the fastest Bluetooth i.e. Bluetooth 4.0. It should support the connectivity to all the Bluetooth enabled devices for the help of transferring of Data.

16. Support for 4G – Support for LTE
The iPad 3 should support 4G and LTE because everyone knows that faster internet is needed by everyone in today’s modern life.

17. iOS 6 – Latest iOS with Latest Technology
It should have a straight iOS 6 and not like the iPad 2 which got iOS 4.3 support.

18. High Volume – Better Quality – Best Speakers
It should have a better quality speakers so that it makes us busy all the time listening to music. Gaming fun only comes when the speakers are best.

Post By Harkunwar (136 Posts)

He is a 14 year blogger in Amritsar, Punjab, India. He does blogging for fun and tell the whole world about the latest tech news. Tech is a thing which he likes the most. He thinks that tech is a thing which gets improved daily and is a never ending process.

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