• Sun, Mar 2013
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Get Windows 8 Metro in your iPad – With Win8 Metro Testbed

Posted In iOS, iOS Apps - By Harkunwar On Friday, April 13th, 2012 With 2 Comments

Now you can get Windows 8 Metro in your iPad. It will work with any iPad. iPad has got the Windows 8 Metro Feel before the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It’s no secret that Windows 8 will not just be limited to the desktop this time around, and Windows’ eighth iteration will spread across to mobile devices, offering deep integration with the popular Xbox + Kinect combo. With ASUS amongst those rumored to be preparing a Windows 8 tablet, it will be interesting to see just how the intertwined cross-platform system pans out.

Till the Release of Windows 8 for Tablets we have got a way to use it on our iPad. The scrolling lock screen, for example, is borderline annoying on a computer, and as such, developers and tipsters have been looking for ways to remove it as it look irritating for them.

There are many people who know how Windows 8 Will look on a tablet. This app is made to to test Windows 8 on your iPad. The app name is Win8 Metro Testbed which is available for a high price This app will get cheaper after they finish promoting this. Here are some screens for this.

As Mark Lee, Splashtop’s CEO and co-founder, rightly points out, nearly every software dev writing tablet apps is in ownership of an iPad. He Said
[box]With Windows 8 Metro expected to ship on over 400 million new PCs and tablets annually, these developers have high expectations for an enormous new market. Splashtop lets them turn their iPad into a development testbed to evaluate touch gestures and functionality of their app in a Windows 8 environment.[/box]

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