• Mon, Nov 2014
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How To Make Apple iPhones Easily Findable

Posted In iOS, iOS Apps - By Amelia Hunter On With 0 Comments
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Are you afraid of losing your expensive Apple iPhone? Or maybe you’re afraid that somebody can steal it? Well, that happens a lot, but there are some easy things you can do to make it findable in case something happens to it.

The App Store has several applications that will help make your iPhone findable. One of such apps is “Find My iPhone” – if you have installed it in your Apple device, it will help you easily find it when it’s lost or stolen. Here’s how you should use this app:iphone

  • Register an account at www.icloud.com. It’s totally free, and you’ll only need an email address and a password, just make sure the password is secure enough.
  • In the Settings of your iPhone, find iCloud; enter and find the “Find my iPhone” app inside and turn it on.
  • You can use the app to set a password for your Apple iPhone so that nobody besides you can use it. Go to Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock and choose a password. Make sure the password is good and secure one again! There will be no sense in using a password if it’s something like “123” or “qwerty” or anything else that anyone can guess.

This is all you have to do before your iPhone is lost or stolen. If anything happens to it, you can use a PC or another Apple device to find it. Just login into icloud.com with your email and password, enter the “Find My iPhone” app, and it will show the location of your iPhone on a map – either a usual one or satellite view. If your phone is somewhere near, but you can’t find it, the app can make it ring loudly for 2 minutes (even if the phone is on Mute) so that you understand where it is. If you think your iPhone is in someone’s hands at the moment, you can use the app to show a message on its screen – it can be your phone number or any other message.

If the app can’t find your iPhone, it’s most likely offline (maybe its battery is dead or the thief has turned it off). Don’t panic, the app will alert you when it appears online again.

Finally, if you think you won’t find your phone, you can use the app to remotely erase everything you had in it so that nobody else is able to access your personal info.

“Find my iPhone” is a great app that can really help you to find your phone if it’s stolen or just lost, but in some cases it won’t work. For example, many professional thieves know about this app, and they’ll try to uninstall it as soon as possible. If they manage to get rid of it, you won’t be able to find your Apple iPhone, so you should hurry up.

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