• Mon, May 2016
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Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2 GHz

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Today I have come with a super great trick tested on Samsung Galaxy Y which helps us to overclock your Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2 GHz. I earlier posted a guide to Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 900 MHz but the today one is more speedy and stable.

This Kernel is tested and is successfully working on Stock Deodexed ROMs and is working on some Custom ROMs like USSR v5 (Untested on v6). If you are stuck into bootloops then please don’t blame me because the kernel was not made by me. It ws mde by @Maroc-OS on XDA-Developers.

This risk of overclocking is there. Please be caution while overclocking. Fresh News Area is not responsible for any damage to your device. This is only made for Samsung Galaxy Y and not for it’s duos, pro duos or pro version.

UPDATE :- Due to 80% people failing to overclock and bricking their devices, Merruk has removed the download link. Only some like me were able to achieve the overclock. You should wait for the next version of the kernel which will be smooth and will also be easy to install. I will update this post as soon as the next version of the kernel is released.

Steps to overclock :-

  1.  Download the Merruk 2.5 kernel and Kernel updater script
  2. Put both the files in Micro-SD Card
  3. Switch off your phone
  4. Boot into recovery by pressing Volume up, Home Button and Power Button together and leaving all these three buttons when you see Samsung Logo
  5. Navigate via Volume buttons and select “Install zip from SD Card” by pressing Home Button.
  6. Locate the kernel_update.zip and flash it
  7. Now Reboot your phone.
  8. Install No-Frills CPU from Google Play store and overclock your phone via this by changing the max speed of your processor.

You’re done with the overclock. So wasn’t it easy to do. Subscribe our site to get more easy guides.

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  1. [...] Update :- You can now overclock your phone to 1.2 GHz ! Check out Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2 GHz [...]

  2. Clinton Young says:

    how to use the kernel?

  3. Clinton Young says:

    because i update the zip but it ruined my phone what should i do???? plz.. help!

  4. Clinton Young says:

    yey!!! my phone works great!!! thanks to HARKUNWAR!

  5. Ganesh says:

    can give link for the ROM which you used

  6. Mizu Ahmed says:

    Wow !! Great Post dude

  7. Ashwin Sasidhran says:

    This shit bricked my phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ashwin Sasidhran says:

    does this need rooting

  9. Azmi Mahmod says:

    which 1 better ?? 900Mhz or 1.2 Ghz??

  10. perci says:

    is mit compatible to Creed 3.5?

  11. perci says:

    is it compatible to creed 3.5? please reply..

  12. perci tolosa says:

    hi, my facebook apps in my galaxy y is damaged since i upgraded it to creed 3.5. please help me to fix this problem

  13. bok says:

    it doesnt need odin at all?

  14. roane08 says:

    dude is it working on jelly blast v3??

  15. Jeff says:

    hello I installed creeds room 3.5. Is it compatible? Can I OC it to 1.2 gHz ? reply asap tnx!!!

    • You can do it BUT it is risky and till the final kernel is not released, i would suggest you not to do it. You can subscribe to my site and i will post this guide again once the kernel is successfully rebuilt and has no installing errors.

  16. Onikkewl says:

    Link not working

  17. dodo says:

    this kernel cause google play no connection error

  18. jm says:

    80 percent but i flashed it easily and im 13

  19. Dds says:

    I tried this method but it gives an error message, error/tmp/side load status2…aborted, how can i over come this problem?

  20. Rachmatiyev Ahmad says:

    Hi, is it works on rooted standard ROM? I mean that I didn’t install any custom ROM. My Galaxy Y has 2.3.6 version of firmware. Thanks.

  21. Dwiki says:

    dude do i have to wipe data?

  22. Ali Ahmed says:

    Not working! I do these all things but nothing happens! i m using Galaxy y stock rom 2.3.6? Plz reply. Kernel flash is complete but show older processor 832 Mhz in CPU Master Pro??

  23. SukhdeepSingh says:

    veree ah das v eh 2.3.6 te kive chalu gi nd pl z email me at yankyjatt33@gmail.com….

  24. Robis says:

    are its working on monochromatic 6.0?

  25. Robis says:

    CWM is needed?

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