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Best Launchers For Your Android Device 2012

Posted In Android, Android Apps - By Harkunwar On With 0 Comments
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Android is a great Operating System. It is the best Open Source Operating System out there. I recommend Android over any Operating System too anyone I like. Today I will talk with you about the Launchers for Android Smart Phones.

Launchers define the main thing how your phones looks in terms of Home Screen User Interface. Many Companies like Samsung , HTC and LG make their own launchers to give their different experience. Samsung is know for very easy to use TouchWiz UI.  HTC is know for HTC Sense which can be highly customized.

There are many launchers available online for your Android devices. Today I will tell you about the best ones available on the Google Play Store.


1. GO Launcher EX

Go Launcher is the most popular Launcher for Android Launchers. It comes with some inbuilt themes. Go Launcher EX comes with many themes. Thousands of Themes for Go Launchers are available on the Google Play Store. Many of them are free and has some premium themes are also available. It comes with many widgets and screen locks too. It comes with many animations when you scroll. It makes the experience awesome. It is very smooth and works perfectly on Low end devices also. You can also create your own folders which is currently available only for Android 4.0+ Devices.I love this launcher as the themes available on the market are great. Jelly Bean was launched recently and and the first jelly bean launcher theme was available for this. It always gets the themes first on the market and it is the main reason it is the best one out there I am sure you would enjoy its experience.

2. SPB Shell 3D

This Launcher is a bit costly but still great. It is a smooth as butter even on low end devices. You can get a 3D look in your phone. SPB Shell Developers say that through this you can add a new dimension to your Android Device It is a next generation User Interface. You can also create folders in this which was an Android 4.0+ only feature. This is a must have for any Android device. I recommend this to all of you. This is one of the best available for your android device. It is as useful as on terms of features and looks gorgeous too.  You can flip between screens the easy way and you can also customize it. It comes with many widgets. I tried it on HTC Inspire 4G and Samsung Galaxy Y and it works smoothly on both. It also comes with the support for Live Wallpapers. If you are ready to spend money then you should go for it otherwise leave it and go for GO Launcher EX.

3. Holo Launcher Plus

Give any android 2.2+ device the make over of Ice Cream Sandwich. It comes with many of the stock Ice Cream Sandwich features. It comes with Ice Cream Sandwich widgets. It also has stock icons from Ice Cream Sandwich devices. In no way anyone can tell that this is not ICS if he has not seen that this is just a launcher. Many developers even remove stock Launcher and add this launcher to lower the total size of their Custom ROM. You can make up to 9 Home screen pages which is enough for everyone. I have been trying to use  this Launcher since it was in beta. It was great since then and it has been improving continuously since then. This is smooth too. I love this launcher and I would ask anyone to try this. Many of them will love this launcher and will continue to use this on wards.  It comes with very nice transition effects and it has also a support for overlapping widgets.

4. Launcher 7 Donate

Not getting a Windows Phone 7. Get this and get your Android device the makeover of Windows Phone 7. Launcher 7 Donate is the Ad-free version for Launcher 7 with some great features. This launcher is difficult to ignore because it is a great launcher and is loved by many people. It has great rating on Google Play Store. This one of the fastest launchers available for Android phone. It looks really classy. You can also use widgets as a tile which is a great feature which real Windows Phone 7 also lacks. The Contacts widgets is animated and works great. It gives you real like tile animations and feel like a real Windows Phone 7 device. It also has features like folder tiles which is again great. This is a great launcher and everyone should give it at least one try as I use this launcher when mode is towards buying Windows Phone 7 and it gives better experience because of more better support.

 5. Espier Launcher

This Launcher is for those people who are coming from iOS to Android. This looks like an iPhone with a great support of Widgets. Widgets have  a different page. It also has a search page like the iPhone. You can also Hide apps. Just hold app and when the app icon is shaking just like on it and then click on Hide App. You can also rename apps and the same way of hiding apps is used. This comes without any app drawer as in the iPhone. It comes with some custom icons too. If you add the iPhone Lock screen then it gives you better than the iPhone feeling and you may enjoy using this launcher. Their are many other launchers of iOS but there is no launcher which can beat this launcher. You can also create folders the same way you make it in iOS Devices and the animation is also the same. My mom’s first phone was iPhone 3GS and when I came to Android, she was a lot happy when I gave her this launcher.

All the launchers I have listed among are the best Launchers for your android Devices. I have installed all these launchers and I can easily switch between these launched. Please comment if you liked my post.

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