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Unlock HTC One S For Free [Root Needed]

Posted In Android Tricks - By Harkunwar On With 7 Comments
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HTC One S is One of The Slimmest Phones Out There Having Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It Is Powered By HTC Sense 4.0. It Is A Great Device With Great Speeds Given By Snapdragon S4 Dual Core 1.5 GHz Processor. Gone Are The Times When We Found The Fastest and Rarest Computers With This Speed. Today, I have Found A Great Guide To Unlock Your HTC One S for Free. It Will Work With HTC One S locked To Almost Any Network.

This Guide Was Written By an XDA Member “ascot17“. He Has Used The Method of HTC Sensation To Unlock This. This Method May Work With HTC One X and HTC One V also But We Can’t Say Anything Because We Haven’t Confirmed This.

Things You Need To Unlock Your HTC One S

  • Your Network Locked HTC One S
  • A Sim Card With Which it is Not Locked To
  • Some Mathematical Skills With Common Sense

You Just Have To Follow 4  Steps For This Unlock.

Steps For Unlocking HTC One S :-

Step 1

Open Terminal Emulator App Which You Have Downloaded From Google Play Store. Type The Following Lines
su [Press Enter]
strings -n 8 /dev/block/mmcblk0p6 [Press Enter Again]

This Will Output Several Lines In The Emulator. One Of The Line Will Be UN_Lock_code=……….. For Example - UN_Lock_code=063312345

Make A Note Of This Number on A Paper and Remember That this is Not Your Unlock Code . You Need This For Further Unlocking Process.

Step 2

Find You IMEI Number By Typing *#06# On The Phone App. Make A Note Of This Number Also.

Write Down Last Seven Digits Of Your 15 Digit IMEI Number For Example Last 7 Digits of My IMEI Number Are 1234567.

Now, Take The First Four Digits At The End. My Number Would Be 5671234

Now Add A Digit X Between First Three Digits and Last Four Digits, My Number Would Be 567X1234. We Have To Get The Value Of X. For This We Have To Get The Sum Of First Three Digits Which is 5+6+7 = 18 and We Only Need The Last Digit Of The Number which is 8. For Example If Sum Is 3 then X = 3, If Sum is 12 then X = 2, If Sum if 25 then X = 5.

My Number With The Following Steps Would Be 56781234 Now

Step 3

You Need To Perform A Simple Sum Now
Subtract The Key Obtained From Second Step From The UN_Lock_code Obtained In First Step.

For Example My UN_Lock_code is 063312345 and My Key Obtained In Second Step is 5678123 So Sum is
063312345 - 56781234 = 6531111.

The Unlock Code is Always 8 Digit So If Your Answer is 7 Digit Like The Above, Add a Zero In The Start.  So The Unlock Code Obtained Will Be 06531111 For Me. Your Will Be Different.

Step 4

You Have To Unlock Your Phone With The Code Now
Remove The Sim Card It Is Locked To and Pop In The Sim Card Which Doesn’t Work.
You Don’t Need To Reboot The Phone and You Will Be Prompted  to Enter The Unlock Code. Now Enter The Unlock Code Obtained in Step 3.

Now Your Phone Is Unlocked and You Can Enjoy.
You Can Go To The Original Thread on XDA-Developers For More Information.
Comment Below If You Are Facing Any Problems

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  1. Daariwal says:

    The terminal emulator I used does not recognize strings command even I am rooted. Can you please share which emulator is good for this? 

  2. StankMagnet says:

    if you don’t want to or are afraid to root your device….you can still easily unlock the phone. probably the easiest way is to call the carrier it’s locked to and simply ask them for the unlock code. if that fails you, never fear….you can easily buy one online. Here’s the source I use to unlock all of my phones:

  3. LS says:

    What about string code for HTC One X?

  4. malik says:

    i m getting su not found & string not found on htc one s.can somebody help me to unlock to phone.thanks

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