• Mon, Aug 2016
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How to Root HTC Desire V – Unlock Bootloader And More

Posted In Android Tricks - By Harkunwar On With 23 Comments
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Today I have a great news for HTC Desire V users. Now people people can root there HTC Desire V by unlocking there Smart Phone’s bootloader and install ClockWorkMod Recovery. I will also tell you how to remove Bloatware and install Google Stock Apps.

The tested models with this trick are :-
Phone 1:
Kernel: 3.0.16
Baseband: 1.04.34D.11_20.11.30.11U
Build number: 1.35.1402.1
Browser: 534.30
Phone 2:
Kernel: 3.0.16
Baseband: 1.06.34D
Build number: 1.56.1402.6
Browser: 534.30

Download the required files for root from here :-

Caution :- This trick is tested and working on many models but if you did any step wrong then Fresh News Area is not responsible for bricking you Smart Phone.

Step 1 – Bootloader Unlock

  1. Go to htcdev.com then create an account there and click on Unlock Bootloader. Choose  “All Other Supported Models” and click on begin bootloader unlock at the place. You will not void your all warranty but only HTC will not cover the problems which are caused due to software problems so accept the agreement.
  2. To enter bootloader mode, make sure the phone is switched off. Remove the battery if it is not getting switched off.  Then hold Volume Down and start pressing the Power button without any USB cable. Use the volume up and volume down buttons to select “Fastboot” and select it using the Power button. Now connect your USB cable and continue following the HTC instructions.
  3. You need the zip file which you must have downloaded from the above link. You also need HTC USB Drivers installed to connect it with you device.  Using the command prompt you can simply navigate to the extracted files and run the fastboot command. (Use the command “cd C:/myextractedzip” to change to a directory).
  4. Save the Unlock_Code.bin attachment which you get from HTC by Email into the same extracted zip folder and run the next command. You now have an unlocked bootloader and the phone will start up and an HTC wizard.

Congratulations ! Your bootloader is now unlocked.

Step 2 – Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery

  1. Remove the USB Cable if connected and boot again into bootloader mode. Click fastboot and reconnect it to your PC. Now run the following command on your PC via fastboot :- fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  2. Switch off your phone now again and make sure that the USB Cable is also removed from your computer.

Congratulations! Your recovery is now installed.

Step 3 – Rooting the Phone

  1.  Now copy the “app” folder from the zip onto a micro-sd card. Also copy the “CWM-SuperSU-v0.92.zip” and “rootexplorer_2.16.apk” onto the micro-sd card.
  2. Boot into bootloader and select recovery this time in that. Now go to Install Zip from SDCard and choose CWM-SuperSU-v0.92.zip
  3. Now select “Yes – Install CWM-SuperSu” and reboot the phone manually once it is installed.

Congratulations! You phone is now rooted.

Step 4 – Installing Google Apps

Caution :- You only need to install Google Apps if you do not have them like Play Store. If you do not have Apps like Play Store then you don’t need to perform this step and you can move to next step.

  1. Using the included file manager on the phone, click on “rootexplorer.apk” and install it. When launching root explorer, make sure you grant it superuser permissions.
  2.  Go click the “sdcard” folder and press and hold the “app” folder that you copied from the zip file. Click “copy” and then navigate to /system . Press “Mount R/W”. And then click “Paste”. Choose Yes to overwrite. Exit root explorer.
  3. Now we need to fix the permissions. The easiest way is if you enable USB Debugging mode from the “Developer Options” settings. Make sure you connect your USB cable.
  4. Open a command prompt to our extracted zip folder and type “adb shell”. Press enter and you should see “shell@android:/ $”. Run “su”. Run “cd /system/app”.
  5. Now to fix all permissions, run “chmod 644 *.apk” and then run “chown root.root *.apk” .
  6. Now run “reboot” to reboot your phone.

Congratulations! Google Apps are now installed.

Step 5 – Bloatware Removal

  1. Removal of bloatware is easiest. Go to /system/app via root explorer and delete any app which is not needed. Here is a list of bloatware apks which need to be removed :-
    • 116114.apk
    • 2254_HTCCU_WO3G_SIE.apk
    • DoubanFM.apk
    • DreyeCHSPkg40.apk
    • HTCCN_FileManager.apk
    • HTC_Widget_Renren.apk
    • HTC_Widget_Sina_Weibo.apk
    • HTC_Widget_Sina_Weibo_Nearby.apk
    • HTC_Widget_Sina_Weibo_Trend.apk
    • HTC_Widget_Sina_Weibo_Trend.apk
    • HtcMusicEnhancer_China_Sina.apk
    • HtcMusic_China_Sina.apk
    • PhoneMail.apk
    • QQ2011.apk
    • Renren_FSplugin.apk
    • Renren_GLRplugin.apk
    • SinaMusic.apk
    • Sina_Weibo_FSPlugin.apk
    • Sina_Weibo_GLRplugin.apk
    • SohuNews.apk
    • VDisk.apk
    • Weibo.apk
    • eMoney.apk
    • mapbar.apk
    • renren.apk
    • unicomclient_HTCT328W.apk
    • vegetable.apk
    • wefound.apk
  2. Now Reboot you phone and you are done.

Congratulations! Bloatware apps are now removed.

Here is where we end our guide. You can head over to xda-developers thread to thank the person who first posted this guide.

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  1. Bootloader sagt "Unlocked" aber Root nicht vorhanden :/ - Android-Hilfe.de says:

    [...] auch das Problem. Man muss nur CWM drauf spielen. Ich habe es mit diesen Anleitungen gemacht: How to Root HTC Desire V – Unlock Bootloader And More | Fresh News Area hier gibt es das cwm: ClockworkMod ROM Manager – Recoveries Falls es mit der Beschreibung nicht [...]

  2. Naveen says:

    hi im getting problem with step 4 (4). will someone help me.

  3. scat says:

    Hi, I assume that you already had gapps on your desire v (india version) which are newer as the apps which are part of ZIP file provided to root the phone. This seems to break the android account manager:

    D/AccountManagerService( 276): there is no authenticator for com.google, bailing out
    D/AccountManagerService( 276): bind attempt failed for Session: expectLaunch false, connected false, stats (0/0/0), lifetime 0.0, addAccount, accountType com.google, requiredFeatures null
    I/AccountManagerService( 276): unbind() over.
    D/Finsky ( 4061): [1] 13.run: AuthenticatorException while adding account: android.accounts.AuthenticatorException: bind failure. Finishing.

    The solution is to get the most current gapps for 4.0.x ICS from http://wiki.rootzwiki.com/Google_Apps#ICS_updater-script and install the new apk file in shown here in step 4. You just need to replace the apk files beneath the app folder. At least I did …

  4. Pavan Kumar says:

    hi how to record calls two way in desire v

  5. vikram says:

    i dont understand step 1 (3) help?

  6. Daan says:

    Hi, i get an error on step 2: “error: cannot load ‘recovery.img’: Unkown error.
    Who can help me.

  7. Ibrahim Karkour says:

    play store not working it show me there is no connection plz help

  8. Sorry but I don’t have that file right now but for me, I always had ES File Explorer as it is filled with many many features.

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