• Sat, Feb 2017
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5 Tips to Choose Best Apps for your Android Tablet

Posted In Android Apps - By Sarvesh Darak On With 0 Comments
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You have zeroed down a good tablet for you but what about the apps which will actually

put life in your device? If you are still looking for the appropriate apps for your Android tablet then you are reading what you should be. Here are few tips or rather categories which you must consider before choosing best apps for your tablet.

Networking and Communication

A good communication and networking app is must – social networking, news, chats all belong to this category.

Pulse News is a beautiful news story app and keeps you updated. You can save stories for later readings. CNN app is another smart way to experience world around you. You can share, submit, and watch online/offline news videos and more using these fabulous news apps.

We all love sharing our treasure pictures with friends and family to share our happiness. Using Dropbox app for picture and doc sharing is a nice idea. Once you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will be shared and saved in all your sync devices and its respective site so that wherever you go you can retrieve your stuff just like that.

Android Tablet Apps

How can we forget about making free voice and video Skype-to-Skype calls, and call phones and landlines at Skype rates on the move? Skype for Android is the best option to connect with people around you. Alternatively, you can also use WhatsApp on your PC or on your handheld devices.

Entertainment, Video and audio streaming

Want to watch movies instantly without any wire, syncing or any hassle? Use Google Videos service and rent movies to watch the endless list of the same. Online or offline choice is yours. And if you yourself love making videos with your tablet camera then this app will be your favourite.

IMDb the one spot to find movie ShowTime, get TV listings, watch trailers. Here getting information about celebrities, actors, actresses, directors etc. is very easy.

Games – How can you have an Android tablet without Angry Birds? It is one of my favourites and looks amazing on the larger screen of the Android 4.0 tablets. If you love speed and interested in racing game then Racing Moto is the answer. Beautiful and amazing game which will keep your adrenaline high. You can also control the direction and acceleration by tilting and tapping your tablet.


If you’re an avid reader then your tablet must contain some good book reader app. Try the beautiful Kindle app which is optimized for Android tablet devices giving users the ability to read Kindle books on an easy-to-use interface. Over 950,000 books are at your service including popular and latest ones.

If still want to try one more app for eBooks then you can try Aldiko. It allows you to read and download thousands of eBooks right on your Android tablet. Browse through catalogues of eBooks including best-sellers, new releases and classics and good news is many of them are free. Comfortable and nice reading experience is waiting for you.


Love travelling? Then Google earth is must. Simply swipe your finger and roam around the world. Explore and search by voice for cities, places, and businesses. Go deep including roads, borders, places, photos and more. New Google earth has been optimized for the larger screen of tablet users on Android 4.0(ICS). If this is not enough look for the 3D view of buildings on your tablet. What else you want?

Business and document management

Using your tablet for business and you need document management frequently then Evernote is one of the best easy to use, free notes taking app. You can stay organized, save your ideas across devices and enhance your productivity with fewer worries. Evernote take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders for you. And these notes are completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.

These are just few pointers and can help if the categories/Tips heads mentioned match your needs. There are apps like Tablified Market HD which offers an easier way find apps suitable for your tablet. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and begin the superb technological journey via your Android tablet.

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