• Mon, Nov 2014
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Is Android Or Apple Better For Gaming?

Posted In Android, iOS - By Harkunwar On With 1 Comment
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Both android and apple are extremely popular as you would find equal number of supporters for both the operating system. While Apple enjoys the undisputed popularity of being an edge above the others, Android is the most popular platform and is the operating system which has been used extensively as the bulk of mobile users have been supporting android. When it comes to games, Apple enjoys phenomenal popularity owing to the fact that they have one of the widest application stores and the amount of variety which you would get in games is immense. The Apple store is known for having some of the richest games that would keep the users engrossed and they stay hooked to their sets.

Although, Apple enjoys profound popularity; but, at the same time; android is ruling the market as well. Most of the games that are ruling the market at the moment are compatible with android operating system. When it comes to speed of execution, Apple beats all other operating system by a huge margin. However, it is not possible for every individual to afford an Apple iPhone and thus the reach that android has is far more massive than Apple. One of the main problems of android is security. Apple OS is much more secure but android being freely accessible is vulnerable to a lot of threats and attacks. Thus, people who have been using android operating system have often found the vulnerability of their system to be a major hurdle and thus as far as the security factor is concerned, android scores low in comparison to Apple and thus even in the world of gaming, Apple may be considered to be a notch above the others.

Apple has a lot of different applications and the games provided by Apple would give you a lot to cheer about. One cannot say that android lacks ample number of games but when both these operating systems are compared, Apple seems to have an upper edge on a lot of different respects. The different apps that you find in Apple are designed with perfection because of the fact that the app makers are aware of the sensitivity of security parameters and at the same time, Apple signals a level of excellence which other operating systems have found it hard to achieve.

Thus, when it comes to gaming, you have to take care of all these factors. Android and Apple both are popular in their own arena, however, Apple seems to be the right and the leading platform because they are symbolic of their own class and their aura and charm is unmatched. So, Apple continues to lead the ranks and the different games in the Apple app store is worth a round of applause.So, if you too belong to the Apple fan club, you are definitely in the leading ranks. Android is emerging ahead in the market, but it is Apple that will continue to stay the top leader in the field as their games are unmatched and par excellence as they are laden with the best features and are secure as well.

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    Apple rockzzzz

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