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A Comprehensive Review on the Angry Birds Game

Posted In Reviews - By Sonu On Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 With 0 Comments

Angry Birds has stolen the hearts and attention of millions of people as they ignore their teachers, put off work or pass the time during commute to get revenge on those green little pigs. However, the big question is, is it any good? With simple and cute character designs, easy and addictive game play; of course it is!

A Short History

Angry Birds was first released in December of 2009 for Apple’s iOS App Store. It started out as a simple one-episode game with only three chapters. As the popularity increased, they brought out additional episodes and new features to add to the challenge and fun. There are now four separate installments with a fifth on the way. It has now been downloaded over 1 billion times in all of its incarnations and it can be found on most mobile operating systems and video game platforms.


Perhaps the reason why Angry Birds has become so insanely popular is because it is simple and easy to play with or without a touchscreen. You simply pull back the slingshot and let the little birds fly through the air to eradicate the pigs that are scattered across the field.

The game is not always easy though and it does take a bit of brainpower to work your way through some of the more difficult levels. The pigs are often positioned in and around obstacles that involve hitting in just the right place to get the maximum damage and the highest score.

The gravity within the game works nicely and adds an extra level of fun and satisfaction since you can just barely nick one boulder and watch it turn into an avalanche of cute destruction. The only annoyance here is that sometimes you have to wait awhile between turns as your bird keeps rolling across the field.

The Story

The story is as simple as the gameplay mechanics. You play as a pack of multi-colored, oddly-shaped birds that have no wings. A tribe of evil green pigs has stolen your eggs and you need to get them back.


Like everything else, the graphics are simple and cute. There are lots of funny little details to make you chuckle and the ability to zoom in and out from the field is a nice touch for getting a real bird’s eye view.


With constant updates, cute and funny gameplay and just enough challenge to keep you wanting to try just one more time, it is no wonder that Angry Birds has been such a hit. If you are still looking for more ways to play Angry Birds, check out angrybirdsjournal.com.

Post By Sonu (9 Posts)

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