• Mon, Jan 2017
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Samsung Galaxy S III Like ROM For Samsung Galaxy Ace S3 Evolution


Samsung Galaxy Ace is a super mid ranged phone. It is highly popular phone in the mid range Android category. It comes with a powerful 1 GHz ARM V6 Processor. I have used this phone after the iPhone and it feels great instead of iOS because of Android customization. Samsung Galaxy S III was also launched some time ago. It came with awesome TouchWiz Nature UX which has ability to fight with. 

Auto Record Skype Calls For Free ! [Windows]


Skype was a great video calling service which supported many platforms. Soon after when it became the world’s best video calling service then it was acquired my Microsoft. I’ve been using Skype from years and it was a great Video Calling Service for me. It supported Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X and just some time ago Windows Phone. Today I have a great software for some of. 

Best Launchers For Your Android Device 2012


Android is a great Operating System. It is the best Open Source Operating System out there. I recommend Android over any Operating System too anyone I like. Today I will talk with you about the Launchers for Android Smart Phones. Launchers define the main thing how your phones looks in terms of Home Screen User Interface. Many Companies like Samsung , HTC and LG make their own launchers. 

Awesome New Tab Page – Metro Style Chrome New Tab Plugin

awesome new tab page

Google Chrome is the fastest browser built yet. It gives supreme speed. The main problem in this browser is the new tab page (For Some) and the download speed (For Everyone). There have been many plugins put there for chrome which help us. Today we will discuss on a very Awesome New Tab Page which is it self named Awesome New Tab Page. This is not just any other waste plugin but this is. 

Slim Bean – Slimmed Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Nexus


Google just announced Android  Jelly Bean operating system with features like Google Now at the end of June. It also introduced its first tablet named Google Nexus 7. This tabled was aimed to kill sales of Amazon Kindle Fire. A recognized contributor of xda-developers @krarvind has just released Alpha Versions of his rom Slim ROM. Slim ROMs are known for being the lightest ROMs. Currently. 

Best ROMs For Android That You Must Port As A Developer


Google launched Android when Apple launched it first iOS Device Apple iPhone 2G (Original). This was a superior operating system. It kept on innovating as it got updates. Now it is super advanced with its Jelly Bean Android 4.1 Operating System Today I will tell you the top known ROMs that You should port to your device as a Developer. 1. CyanogenMod This is the best ROM in the Android world. CyanogenMod. 

Bring iOS 6 UI in iOS 5 With a WinterBoard Theme


Apple just released iOS 6 Betas some time ago. These were just opened to Apple Registered Developers and they could only install it in their iPhone. It is not available to the wide public using iPhone Today I have a great theme with me. It can bring iOS6 UI in iOS 5. This is just a theme so it won’t do much tings but still it is worth the try. The name of the theme is “iOS 6 Theme”. 

Delete Chat Messages From Facebook


Facebook is a great Social Networking Website. It ranks number 2 after the Supreme Search Giant – Google. Facebook earns around 2$/second which is a very huge income if you check it day wise. Facebook was made use to share photos and status messages with friends. People like this website a lot. This website gave a big jump over Google’s Social Networking Website which was Orkut. Facebook. 

Samsung Galaxy S III Like Rom for Galaxy Y – Creed’s Rom 3.5


There is a good news for Samsung Galaxy Y users. @Pratyush.creed has just launched an update to his rom which is Creed’s Rom 3.5 from the very popular 3.2. This was one of the first person to develop the first custom rom for Samsung Galaxy Y. In his new rom it has Samsung Galaxy S III looks means you have Samsung Galaxy S III in your Samsung Galaxy Y.This is just a theme though your. 

Use Voice Search In Google Now on ICS Devices


Google introduced jelly bean software update for android some time ago. It also introduced Google Now as a competitor to Apple’s Siri in voice search. People earlier thought that it would be named Mabel but it became Google Now. Google Now was ported to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Devices forom the XDA-Developer forums. This was a very good news for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Devices. At this.