• Mon, Jan 2017
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Windows 8 RTM : Store

Screenshot (26)

In Windows 8, Windows Store is a marketplace to download Modern UI apps. In Windows Store there are many categories like Games, Social ,Entertainment, Photo, Books and Reference, News and Weather, Health and Fitness, Food and Dining, Lifestyle, Shopping, Travel, Productivity, Business, Education and Government. Windows 8 modern apps  have no compromise experience too. If you want. 

Windows 8 Box packaging revealed


As  last week Microsoft tell us that they had complete their work on Windows 8 and now it has been RTM’ed . After that everybody knows that leaks coming started on file – sharing sites . As you we  have shown you screenshots of Windows 8 RTM in our earlier post. Here is the pic that Tom Warren posted in The Verge. As you know there will be two editions in the market when Windows. 

Microsoft’s Build 2012 Developer Conference Sells Out in An Hour


Today we will be talking about the major operating system new upcoming which is Windows 8. According to the Windows 8 Build 2012 site, Microsoft’s Engineers are showcasing there new products which are Windows Phone 8, Windows Azure, Xbox (No new Xbox is coming but just an update to it’s software.), Office 365, Bing, Visual Studio 2012 and Internet Explorer. Windows 8 is expected. 

Windows 8 Pro RTM Leaked : x86 and x64

Screenshot (94)

Microsoft has just completed the development of Windows 8 and It has been leaked all over the internet and the major torrent sharing sites. It was leaked by Wzor. Windows 8 RTM Comes with many and many themse once activated. You can check out the Super Cool Screen Shots :- Windows 8 Pro RTM : Screenshots I have installed Windows 8 RTM Enterprise and activated it in the lucky one hour activating. 

Windows 8 Pro RTM : Screenshots

Windows 8 Pro RTM Screenshots

In this post I will tell you about new screenshots of Windows 8 Pro RTM of leaked build 9200 . Microsoft has baked Widnows 8 into a good OS for Tablets. There are 20 different patterns to choose from, ranging from floral designs all the way through to some l art-inspired patterns. There is also a new Desktop UI you will see it in final  , there is also three new themes called Windows ,. 

Full Review Of Trek Micro Thumbdrive – Must Buy


I just bought a 16 GB Micro Thumbdrive from Future Bazaar and I feel it to be Working great for me. It is a super slim Flash Drive and performs better than what I was expecting from the Flash Drive. I love this Micro Thumbdrive a lot. Now my fitire thubdrives will be from Trek Images :- Main Features :- Water Proof Dust Free Drop Resistant Super Slim and Sleek This offers very good. 

Samsung Galaxy S III Like Live Wallpaper !


Samsung Galaxy S III was announced in June 2012 ending. It had many and many great features that every Android lover wanted in it’s device. Due to these feature Samsung Galaxy S III had huge sales and the number of pre-orders before launch were 9 million which was huge I like the wallpaper of the Samsung Galaxy S III a lot. It is a great live wallpaper. When you touch you finger on. 

How to Root HTC Desire V – Unlock Bootloader And More


Today I have a great news for HTC Desire V users. Now people people can root there HTC Desire V by unlocking there Smart Phone’s bootloader and install ClockWorkMod Recovery. I will also tell you how to remove Bloatware and install Google Stock Apps. The tested models with this trick are :- Phone 1: Kernel: 3.0.16 Baseband: 1.04.34D.11_20.11.30.11U Build number: 1.35.1402.1 Browser:. 

Final Builds of Windows Follow a Pattern


Today we will be talking about Final Builds of every Windows Operating System Launched yet. Microsoft which is a Redmond based company makes one of the best Operating Systems for Computer and Smart Phones. When I compared the Build Number and Windows Vista, 7 and 8, we found a pattern which also hints about which build number would be used for the next Windows Operating System after Windows. 

Market Share by Companies in Smart Phones [Pie Chart]


Today we will be sharing with you market share of various companies on the smart phone base. Smart Phone held its momentum when Apple launched its iPhone. From that time Smart Phones became popular and popular According to last year sales, Apple was dominating but now its place has been taken by Samsung. Samsung and Apple make almost 50% of the Market Share. Other three top companies other.