• Sat, Feb 2017
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Paranoid ROM for Nexus 7 – Phone, Hybrid and Tablet UI Together


Today we will show you the Paranoid ROM for Asus Google Nexus 7. Paranoid ROM is know for one basic Super Feature. It can switch between Phone, Hybrid (Phablet) and Tablet UI easily. I’ve tried Paranoid ROM on my phone and it works super. This ROM is also for those people who are annoyed with the Hybrid UI in the Stock Jelly Bean ROM and want to experience the True Tablet UI or even. 

2 Changes in Google’s Search Engine Algorithm That You Must Know About


Are you losing track of all the changes Google keeps on announcing about its search engine algorithms? Since Google tends to alter its search engine algorithms more than 500 times a year, you sometimes are unable to stay updated with these changes. Read on to know the 2 most important changes that Google recently incorporated to its search engine algorithm – 1.      Profile Pages. 

How To Get Multi-touch Elan Pad Gestures in Windows 8

touch pad

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you that how to get Multi-touch gesture in Windows 8 for Elan Pad. This trick was founded by me as I was trying many things but just got an easy solution There are many Multi-touch Gestures for Windows 8’s Modern UI but Elan Pad does not support them. Many of you may have heard of Synaptics which bring Windows 8 gestures which are super cool but. 

Windows 8 Modern UI is AOL 1996 UI [Proof]


Windows 8 was unveiled by Microsoft on 29 February 2012 with Windows 8 Developer Preview. It got bug fixes and more till it upgraded to Consumer Preview, then to Release Preview and the finally to RTM which is the retail version Modern UI was in use on the Windows Phone 7 with the name Metro UI. Many tech geeks love the UI a lot as it is so simple to use  and mainly focused on Touch Based. 

How to Get Free Satellite Internet and Television Service


Anyone who says that they can get you free and legal satellite Internet all year round is probably lying. There are ways to get free satellite Internet for a short time like a month or so but beyond that, you have to pay the regular charges. All the “free” benefits are restricted to a short time period. However, if you have a speedy Internet connection, you can definitely have a free. 

The Best Sonic Classic Game – Sonic 3 & Knuckles


In the past decade, nearly 20 sonic games have been released and most Sonic fans would agree that the modern games are not as good as the classics. If you were asked to name your favorite or the best modern game, you won’t have too much trouble but if you were asked to the best classic game, then you would be spoilt for choice. Almost all of them are very good. But for sonic fans, Sonic. 

Game Review – Tom and Jerry in Infernal Escape


The Tom and Jerry in Infernal Escape is one of the most classic Tom and Jerry featuring games that has been launched in the recent years and has received worldwide kudos for their sheer awesomeness quotient. But what is so special about the Tom and Jerry in Infernal Escape? The answer lies in the fact that in this installation of the game, you will find Tom to be the central character and. 

How To Install A Chrome Extension From Third Party Sources


Chromium was a great browser as it gave superb speed and it was also open source. It was acquired by Google and was re-branded with the name “Google Chrome”. From then Google Chrome has been innovating us. When Google Chrome 4 was launched then it brought us the power of installing Extensions which Mozilla Firefox only had at that time and in Mozilla Firefox, it was named “Plugins”. Today,. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Demo [Video]


Samsung is the company which holds the biggest market share. Now, Samsung is going to enlighten us with it new Android Device from the Samsung Galaxy Note Series Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a very great and feature rich tablet with a 10.1″ Screen which the name of the device itself suggests. Older devices of Galaxy Note series were a Phablet ( Mixture of Phone and Tablet ) but this. 

Microsoft Metro Branding To Be Renamed As Modern


Microsoft has a huge discussion between what should be the name of its new UI in Windows 8 . Earlier this UI was known as Metro and their apps were known as Metro Apps. Then earlier this week their was a huge discussion that Microsoft has named its new UI as Windows 8 UI and its apps called as Windows 8 Apps , which does not look a good name. At now Microsoft has named it UI in Windows 8.