• Fri, Feb 2017
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ICS Sense 4 ROM Appears for HTC Explorer


HTC Explorer was released by HTC in the market of cheap Android Phones. Though this phone had only 600 MHz processor, the 512 MB RAM kept it always in the right place and gives smoothness. Sense 4 was released by HTC with the One Series. HTC also released HTC Desire C which had almost same specs as they are in HTC Explorer. @Derefas who is a member at XDA decided to port the ROM of Desire. 

DOTA 2 Beta Invite Key Giveaway


Today we are going to start the first giveaway for our site Fresh News Area. This giveaway is now on a super game DOTA 2. Valve confirmed that DOTA 2 is going to be a free game but currently it is in Beta stage so it can only be played by Invitation. We will do a giveaway for the Beta Invite Key for DOTA 2 by which you can play this game before it is actually launched. DOTA 2 is a mix of. 

New Notification Bar Shows Up For Some Facebook Accounts


Today we have news from our big social giant “Facebook” which is testing new notification bar. The new bar has been enabled for some rare people. One of my friend got this notification bar today which is new but according to him, he doesn’t like it and even I don’t felt something better. The notification bar has the icons like that in the Facebook app for Smart Phones. 

A Comprehensive Review on the Angry Birds Game


Angry Birds has stolen the hearts and attention of millions of people as they ignore their teachers, put off work or pass the time during commute to get revenge on those green little pigs. However, the big question is, is it any good? With simple and cute character designs, easy and addictive game play; of course it is! A Short History Angry Birds was first released in December of 2009 for. 

What’s New In The HTC One X+

one x+

HTC showcased it’s one series with HTC One X, One S and One V. The “One” series is the best series of HTC in terms of Android powered Smart Phones. HTC One X was the flagship phone of HTC and had many great features. It was the first HTC device to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 4 on board. It had many great features like the 8 MP Super great Camera and a Nvidia. 

Techno Tips to Deal with Stalkers


The digital advancement has brought about a number of boons to our daily lives, but stop and wonder, hasn’t it also brought about a number of banes that you wish you could avoid otherwise? The problems of stalking and online and cellular harassment is one of the most prominent of these problems and you will need to find out a way to tackle this harassers in order to ensure that nothing. 

How Android Apps Suit Your Needs

android apps

Since you have bought your Android, you should be currently on the app store obtaining for video and games along with tools to use in it. Truly entertaining to spend time playing latest apps once you look at your newly purchased Android, but knowing the exactly purpose for what you require, this might help to make the buying decision far comfortable. It might depend as part of your meaning. 

Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2 GHz


Today I have come with a super great trick tested on Samsung Galaxy Y which helps us to overclock your Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2 GHz. I earlier posted a guide to Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 900 MHz but the today one is more speedy and stable. This Kernel is tested and is successfully working on Stock Deodexed ROMs and is working on some Custom ROMs like USSR v5 (Untested on v6). If you. 

How To Generate a QR Code Image For a URL


QR Codes were started and slowly slowly they started becoming popular. At the present time, QR Codes are at it’s peak. You may have seen a QR Code on many sites and it is easy to use by just opening a QR Code scanner app and opening the URL than typing it. goo.gl is a popular URL shortner by Google which helps us to create instant QR Codes with wasting any time. Steps :-  Go to goo.gl and. 

HTC Introduced HTC 8X and HTC 8S Windows Phone 8 Device

htc 8x

HTC has just unveiled two new Smart Phones in the Windows Phone 8 range after Samsung Ativ and Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. These device have great specifications and Steve Ballmer ( CEO of Microsoft ) has said that it is the Windows Phone 8 which has the best design. HTC has been one of the oldest companies making Windows Phones or Windows Mobile devices. HTC is famous for sleek.