• Mon, Jan 2017
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Android vs iOS vs Windows in Tablet Fight

tablet fight

Apple and Microsoft were starters of the computing era. These help us in our daily work and have been evolving with a great speed with respect to time. Earlier their were traditional PC with fat monitors, then evolved to slim Desktops then to laptops and now we live in an era of Ultrabook, All-in-one PCs and Tablets. Tablets have become the most preferred choice of most people and mainly. 

Add Custom Wallpaper Image To Windows 8 Start Screen

win8 -

It has been around 2 weeks since Microsoft launched their whole new operating system, the Windows 8. The main feature of Windows 8 was it’s all new start screen. Check out Windows 8 Pro RTM : Screenshots. Windows 8 brings fixed amount of colors and designs for Windows 8 Start Screen. You can’t set custom wallpaper image for the start screen. Today I have come up here with an. 

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is Optimized Version of S Duos


Samsung unveiled the mini version of it’s flagship phone named the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini.  The phone is been released as a Mid-Range phone which is expected to kill all competitors selling phones at same price bracket. Samsung Earlier released Samsung Galaxy S Duos to markets like India and China which have a demand for dual sim handsets. This was a success for Samsung as it had. 

Image Resizing Software for Windows Download


Images have been an important part of our life. We use Images in all sorts of work. We use images as our profile pictures on social networking sites like Facebook, we use them when we want to save some memories, we use them as wallpapers in our devices. We sometimes need to resize images. We do this to fit them in proper places or decrease the size of images. Images are Raster in most cases.. 

Should start-ups be funded by venture capital?


The recent rocky road for Facebook since it floated on the stock exchange in New York has highlighted a growing shift in how the business world views tech start-ups. The business community seems to have changed their approach to tech companies from instant attraction to being wary. The prices of current Facebook stock are not as high as some analysts have hoped for which has led some people. 

Google Nexus 4 May Not Work in US But Will Work in India


It hasn’t been much time since Google announced Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. Nexus 4 is a powerful smart phone at an affordable price. Nexus 4 packs a 1.5 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with 2 GB RAM. Google Nexus 4 comes with Android 4.2 out of the box and as it a nexus branded phone, it will get direct updates from google instantly after the launch of new operating system. Nexus. 

How To Install Siri in iOS 6 [Jailbreak Needed]


Apple introduced Siri long ago with the iPhone 4S. Siri was crowned as the best Speech Assistant of that time. Siri was made only for iPhone 4S+ and The New iPad (iPad 3)+ devices as apple said Siri won’t work on slower devices. Chpwn introduced Spire which helped us to install Siri on all devices with iOS 5. Today I have come up with a guide to install Siri on jailbroken iOS 6 devices specifically. 

Is Android Or Apple Better For Gaming?

apple or android

Both android and apple are extremely popular as you would find equal number of supporters for both the operating system. While Apple enjoys the undisputed popularity of being an edge above the others, Android is the most popular platform and is the operating system which has been used extensively as the bulk of mobile users have been supporting android. When it comes to games, Apple enjoys. 

Are Giveaways Good Way To Increase Readers


Giveaways are becoming important these days. There are many people who spend on Things to give them away for Giveaways. I started the Giveaway of the DOTA 2 Beta Invite Key some days ago. It was the first giveaway by Fresh News Area. After the Giveaway was started, I saw a noticeable increase in the number of Facebook Likes, Twitter followers and Feed Subscribers. I was a lot happy after. 

Make Your Android Phone a Wireless Touch Pad for Windows PC


We all must have used a Laptop. The touch pad is a lot cool device which does a lot many functions than just moving the mouse. Today I have come up with a totally new trick. You can make your Android Phone a Wireless Touchpad. For this, you need an Android Phone and a Windows PC connected to same internet connection like Wifi. You have to first download the “Touchpad” App from.