• Sat, Feb 2017
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Install Siri (Sara) on any iPhone/iPod/iPad 100% working No proxy needed


Siri is the one thing why people buy an iPhone 4S and the second one is to show off. If you have used Siri on an iPhone 4S, you must have enjoyed to use it. In some cases it will not be able to understand Asian and African accent. There is a great developer named Nobita who has developed Siri for all iDevices including iPhone 2G (Original)/3G/3GS/4 , iPod 2G/3G/4G and iPad 1/2. Its name is. 

Review on Zune PC Software (Music & Video Player)


Today I will review Zune software for PC. We will discuss all its advantages and disadvantages. Good things should be first so lets start with its Advantages Good things about Zune :- Zune is the best Music and Video Player in terms of Interface. Its interface is superb and I have not seen any software with more better interface than Zune. It can play many types of Codecs ( used to. 

Microsoft Confirmed New Windows 8 Logo


Microsoft is a company which changes its logo whenever a new version of windows is launched. Microsoft has confirmed a new logo for Windows 8. This logo looks cool and is made of my favorite colour that is blue. This logo was confirmed in Windows Team Blog. This logo is fully made of Blue colour. It also reflects the metro interface of Windows 8. See what Microsoft said about their logo.