• Wed, Aug 2016
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The Top Career Paths in Financial Services Industry

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“Finance is the lifeline of industry”. You must have come across this one liner at some point of your life. While the pop culture perceives that a career in the financial industry is just about crunching numbers and creating spreadsheets, but it is more holistic, challenging and dynamic in each and every dimension. The career in the financial industry puts the individual at the heart of fund management. The financial industry is considered as the backbone for the growth of any country, lodging nearly half a million careers across the world in its kitty.


The financial service industry offers nearly hundreds of the certain career choices falling on distinct continuums such as banking, investment, financial services, insurance etc. which are required by each and every company in various industries for managing the financial health of the business concern and create innovative solutions for the wealth management. Even if you are not from the realm of finance, the financial industry will still treat you with great care and flair, as it possess a variety of avenues for individuals from distinct academic disciplines. Thus, you can make a lucrative career within the financial industry depending upon your interest.

Let’s have a look at the lucrative career paths present in this industry:

  • Financial Planner

You must have come across job vacancies in different forms for the post of financial advisor, financial consultant, financial analyst and financial manager. All these are different names for the job profile of a financial advisor. They are the financial architects of a business organization. Their key role lies in strengthening the fiscal foundation of the company by evaluating the financial data structure, and in case weaknesses are present, he or she is responsible for suggesting appropriate solutions in accordance with the circumstances present within the industry. Thomas Reuters careers is one example of a career where the company requires the credibility as well as support of the knowledge of the financial consultant in the various avenues.

  • Financial project specialist

An organization where there is a significant juggling of a large number of projects going at the same time, there arises the need of a project specialist, whose main role is to manage initiatives within the predetermined budget and the time duration. The companies from various sectors employ the services of the project specialist to cater to the needs of various projects. You can start your career with any multi-tasking brand such as Thomas Cook careers, which employ the services of the financial experts for managing the financial aspects of the customers planning a holiday.

  • Investment Banking Analyst

The investment banking niche is the most notorious and most challenging niche under the financial service industry. Besides being challenging, this niche is also celebrated as the most rewarding niche in the industry. The key role of the investment banking professional lies in producing the gamut of information which aids in making decisions pertaining to investment. The various tasks under the job description of an investment banker includes analyses of the financial statement, managing trades, keeping a tab on the trends present in the market and assembling presentations and meetings for the management.

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