• Thu, Aug 2016
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The Raging Battle Called “Cloud Wars”

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The funny thing is, it’s not happening in a galaxy far, far away; it’s happening right here. This is obviously a reference for all of the Star Wars fans out there. This time, there is no evil Empire to fight, there are no real winners and losers, they are just huge commercial interests vying for position in what is emerging as one of the greatest markets of all time, the Internet. The rapid, if not to say explosive, adoption of the Internet by people all over the world has created a market that arguably is the largest in history. Naturally, the big companies that are looking for competitive advantage in this growing market are going to clash.


Among the many new solutions that have been introduced by the Internet is the ability to easily download applications. Up until only about a decade ago, almost all software had to be bought from a store, typically on a CD or DVD disc. But the rapid spread of the Internet, along with extensive improvements in both coverage and speed of mobile networks, has allowed for people to easily download almost anything they need directly from the Web. For companies like Apple and Microsoft, this means that they can have specialized applications, often built and developed by third-party software companies, which are extremely useful on their tablets and smartphones.

Getting Help When You Need It

All of this progress around computers and the Internet also raise some problems. Unfortunately, not everything works the way it should all the time. Many companies have transitioned a lot of their operations either to servers that are housed in their offices or a third-party location; often, they are actually starting to store a lot of their information in the Internet. This is typically referred to as the Cloud, as a way of describing some place that cannot be seen, but which is accessed solely through the Web. Having a lot of devices in a company accessing all this information can sometimes create problems. Naturally, any downtime for a company is unacceptable: their entire operation can come to a screeching halt if the problem is not solved quickly. For this, they should make sure that they have IT help in London who can quickly diagnose the issue and provide a prompt solution.

The Struggle for Domination

Two of the largest companies in the computing world are Apple and Microsoft. Each takes a different approach to their business, and yet sometimes their interests intersect and often collide. Microsoft, which has long dominated the software world, ever since the first personal computers were introduced, finds that with Apple’s success in smartphones and tablets, they need to be sure that the software is available to Apple users. Apple always makes some money off of the applications that their vendors sell to Apple consumers. There is a growing fight brewing between the two giants over some of the revenue sharing schemes surrounding the use of some Microsoft software applications on Apple devices.

As these two companies have often considered themselves mortal business enemies, it is likely that their ongoing battles will continue for a long time to come.

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