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Awesome New Tab Page – Metro Style Chrome New Tab Plugin

Posted In Internet Tricks - By Harkunwar On With 3 Comments
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Google Chrome is the fastest browser built yet. It gives supreme speed. The main problem in this browser is the new tab page (For Some) and the download speed (For Everyone). There have been many plugins put there for chrome which help us. Today we will discuss on a very Awesome New Tab Page which is it self named Awesome New Tab Page.

This is not just any other waste plugin but this is a must see Google Chrome plugin. It adds a metro Style new tab page toy Google Chrome. As you can see above it is a lot customizable and looks like Windows 8 Start menu

It comes with a fully working clock widget which shows correct time. There is also and option to download a weather widget but that doesn’t come with the package.

In Awesome New Tab Page you can  fill the space with two boxes. You can make single box apps like the one above. You can also set background images like for Fresh News Area, I have set it Blue. This is one of the best Google Chrome plugins I have ever used.

As you can see in the above image. You can edit each box and set it to your needs. All the setting shown are great and are great to customize. This is a very handy plugin.

In these, you can add the link where the box links, you can show hide the name of the box. You can choose color picker and choose your background picker and you can also set a blank background. You can also save image in your computer and browse it. You can also set the link with http:// is but there is a problem that it will download the image again and again when you restart the computer.

I have used it and I have found no bug yet. It is a lovely plugin.

Once you Unlock the desktop with clicking on the lock icon, you can open the apps menu and drag any app of your choice to the Awesome New Tab Page. It is very easy to use.

All apps you downloaded from Chrome Web Store are available on this page. So I call this new tab an all in one plugin.

I know many of you may have been used other New Tab Plugins such as Speed Dial which gives you the looks of the new tab page of Opera which was earlier know for best new tab page.

This plugin is killer to almost every new tab plugin available yet for Google Chrome. Best plugin in all need of a Google Chrome.

This plugin is great in one more feature. This new tab plugin comes with widgets. The same way it comes in Android Operating System. Currently it doesn’t have many widgets but some of them are very useful.

One of the widget is the clock widget which i mentioned earlier. This tells us a live time and looks a classic clock and not the digital one. Other nice widget is Awesome weather widget which you have to download from the Chrome Web Store as it does not come to you when you install the application but remember that clock comes in the package.

One more important widget is the notepad. You can write anything on the notepad widget and it helps you to remember that when you open the new tab page which you often do. Like I write “Write about Awesome New Tab Page in Fresh News Area,” then it will help me remember that easily as we often open new tabs.

This Awesome New Tab Page plugin also comes with configuring options. You can show or hide the bookmarks bar which shows all your bookmarks. You can also hide small icons at the side of new tab page from where you unlock desktop, open apps menu, open widgets menu and also you open these configuring options.

You could eve reset this to defaults and it will become as it came to you when you installed this plugin ad will remove all your settings. You can also set a background color of your choice or you can even use your own image. I set it black in the last image and you can see that here it is blue. You can even put the link to the image and it will automatically download the image and display on your blog.

At the end I would just say that this plugin is worth the try and you must install it. This is the only New Tab plugin that Fresh News Area recommends. I would thank the developer for making this plugin.

You can download this plugin here :-

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  1. antoxwoman says:

    Amazing article Harkunwar, keep the good work there. I really enjoyed reading your post :D

  2. Marx1684 says:

    Very good article sir. I hope you continue on & due well with your skill in writing. I’ve downloaded it!

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