• Mon, Jan 2017
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2 Changes in Google’s Search Engine Algorithm That You Must Know About

Posted In Internet Tricks - By Blyttle On With 0 Comments
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Are you losing track of all the changes Google keeps on announcing about its search engine algorithms? Since Google tends to alter its search engine algorithms more than 500 times a year, you sometimes are unable to stay updated with these changes. Read on to know the 2 most important changes that Google recently incorporated to its search engine algorithm –

1.      Profile Pages Indexing

Google has faced a lot of criticism in the past regarding its policy of turning up only Google+ profiles when a search of social profiles was made. Not only was this biased and was curbing competition, it was also irrelevant and came up with unnecessary search results on many occasions.

Google has taken care of this problem with their latest update of the search engine algorithm. They have incorporated a feature that will return social profiles from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites along with the profiles on Google+. This will make searching for social profiles easy and will also increase the accuracy of the search results.

2.      Integration With Local Results Via Google News

Google has always sought to personalize your searches and return the best possible search results. This has led Google to incorporate the physical location of the user into their search results. For example, if you search for ‘supermarkets’, Google will automatically give higher rank to websites of supermarkets that are near your physical location. The user will need to permit Google to track his physical location for this purpose.

This feature has also increased the credibility and accuracy with which Google returns news results via the Google News service. Another introduction, as a result of this feature, is that search terms or keywords will be more localized in keeping with the accurate nature of the original term.

These changes along with a few more like retention of and handling of password changes and significant changes for image search results will bring about revolutionary changes in how SEO is viewed and how any established seo company changes their strategy execution in the future. Expect to see an upsurge in usage of localized keywords and linking of content to social profiles in the near future. Prepare yourself to embrace these changes!

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B. Lyttle is a proud geek and a big time gaming aficionado. She loves exploring the latest developments in technology and keep herself updated about them all the time.

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