• Thu, Nov 2016
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Techno Tips to Deal with Stalkers -

The digital advancement has brought about a number of boons to our daily lives, but stop and wonder, hasn’t it. 

47 years ago | 2
How To Generate a QR Code Image For a URL -

QR Codes were started and slowly slowly they started becoming popular. At the present time, QR Codes are at it’s. 

47 years ago | 0
2 Changes in Google’s Search Engine Algorithm That You Must Know About -

Are you losing track of all the changes Google keeps on announcing about its search engine algorithms? Since Google. 

47 years ago | 0

Samsung Galaxy Music – A Smartphone for Music Lovers

samsung galaxy music

Samsung Galaxy Music is an Android based Smartphone that boasts excellent sound quality and advanced music features just like EE 4g Smartphones. It is equipped with dual speakers and surrounds sound and includes a host of other fantastic features like smart volume, which boost listening pleasure. As the name suggests, this Smartphone is targeted for music lovers and will make a good buy for. 

Do People Fail Adobe Certification Exams Multiple Times?

failing in adobe exam

Brace yourself because this may shock you. Some people fail Adobe Certification Exams multiple times. This is hard to believe because you’d think they would know what to expect by the second or third time around, but it still happens. Delve into this phenomenon to make sure that it stays a curiosity to you and doesn’t become your personal experience. It’s Rare First off,. 

London Calling: From Crime Victim to Crime Survivor

Chicago Injury Lawyer

Like any capital city, London has its fair share of recorded crime and for anyone who has suffered a loss or an injury as a result of being targeted by a criminal or suffered in an accident, there is very often something you can do to try and put matters right. Could you get compensation? Whilst this is probably not your first thought if you are recovering from a street robbery or receiving. 

Are Bundled Internet Packages On Their Way Out?

Bundled Internet Packages

Bundled internet packages are multiple services such as internet, telephone, cable or satellite and wireless services all for one price. Bundled services mean discounts for consumers. Many consumers also use different providers for different services to get the best deals or they see better service in one area. They might use, for example, Comcast internet plans and use a completely different. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Benchmarks [Exynos 5 Octa Version]

Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched quite a while ago. It was a quite hyped phone and started to become popular by time. It is the biggest competitor of the HTC One right now with many other small competitors like Sony Xperia Z or so. Samsung Galaxy S4 is quite good in benchmarks. It kicked off all the phones in its line when it comes to benchmarks. Only Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are the phones. 

5 Tips to Choose Best Apps for your Android Tablet

Android Tablet Apps

You have zeroed down a good tablet for you but what about the apps which will actually put life in your device? If you are still looking for the appropriate apps for your Android tablet then you are reading what you should be. Here are few tips or rather categories which you must consider before choosing best apps for your tablet. Networking and Communication A good communication and networking. 

Call Conferencing Can Include Support Through Software


Sometimes it helps to see how your conferencing plans can be maintained. This includes using the right software to give your conferencing plans an easier time with staying as well-maintained as possible. Software has to be used right when getting a conference ready. You can use a quality software program for any operating system and any phone network that you’d get yourself into. Arranging. 

Has Technology and Entertainment Become a Good Combination?


There are a lot of things that are really difficult to keep up with, and one of these things just happens to be technology. Have you ever stopped to think where we might be if there was no such thing as technology? The world would be a very different place, wouldn’t it? Technology and Entertainment One place where technology has become very evident is in the entertainment world. It. 

The Raging Battle Called “Cloud Wars”


The funny thing is, it’s not happening in a galaxy far, far away; it’s happening right here. This is obviously a reference for all of the Star Wars fans out there. This time, there is no evil Empire to fight, there are no real winners and losers, they are just huge commercial interests vying for position in what is emerging as one of the greatest markets of all time, the Internet.. 

The Top Career Paths in Financial Services Industry


“Finance is the lifeline of industry”. You must have come across this one liner at some point of your life. While the pop culture perceives that a career in the financial industry is just about crunching numbers and creating spreadsheets, but it is more holistic, challenging and dynamic in each and every dimension. The career in the financial industry puts the individual at the.